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Profiles In Excellence in Government 2018: Federal CIO Achievements

Read how 5 Federal CIO's had successful IT Programs and Accomplishments that made their Agencies and the Federal Government more effective and efficient. They also spoke about using all the new Federal Initiatives to manage their agencies while discussing the Qualities of what makes an Effective Leader in this Market
Alongside these 5 Special Profiles in Excellence, you will also find Expert Viewpoints from former senior government leaders including Dr. Dale Meyerrose, Lt. General William Bender, Dave Wennergren, Luke McCormack, Charlie Armstrong and Pete Tseronis.

Lastly, Subject Matter Experts from 4 leading government technology companies including ServiceNow, FireEye, BMC Software and Fortinet share their expertise on how to take advantage of advanced technologies to fulfill mission objective.

Profiles in Excellence in this Special Issue of On The Frontlines include:

  • Joe Klimavicz, CIO, Dept of Justice-"Small Program Has Huge Impact"
  • Margie Graves, Federal Deputy CIO, OMB-"From Vision to Action"
  • Stephen Rice, Deputy CIO, Dept of Homeland Security-"Modern IT Needs Modern Workforce"
  • Dave Bennett, CIO, DISA-"Eliminating Single Points of Failure"
  • David Shive, CIO, GSA-"An Agile Integrated Award Environment"
  • Tom Topping, Sr. Director of Strategic Programs, FireEye-"3 Ways to Improve Cyber Outcomes in a Rapidly Changing World"
  • Bob Osborn, Federal CTO, ServiceNow-"Multi-instance vs Multi tenant infrastructures"
  • Bill Lemon, Technical Architect, Fortinet Federal-"Why SD-WAN is Crucial to Federal Agency Modernization"
  • Jeremy Wilson, Federal CTO, BMC Software-"Accelerating Government's Cloud-Smart Approach"

Expert Views in this Special Issue include:

  • Dr. Dale Meyerrose, Major General USAF (retired), Meyerrose Group-"The Digital Workforce is Here--Get Ready"
  • Lt. General William Bender, Leidos-"Responding to our AI Sputnik Moment"
  • Pete Tseronis, Dots & Bridges-"The Quantum Computing: Potential Cancer Cure"
  • David Wennergren, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting-"Leadership Lessons"
  • Luke McCormack, McCormack & Associates-"IT Modernization: CIOs At The Helm"
  • Charlie Armstrong, e2.71 Advisory Services-"Focus Your Cyber Vision"

All this and more in the February 2019 Issue of On The Frontlines Magazine! 

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