Profiles of DoD and US Air Force
 Tom Michelli, Deputy CIO, DoD & Lt. Gen. Bradford Shwedo, CIO,

 US Air Force profile their 2017 Mission Program.

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 Profiles Expert Viewpoint: Dr. Dale Meyerrose
 Dr. Dale Meyerrose, Founder of The Meyerrose Group on

 "With Change on Steroids, Do You Need to Change

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 Profiles Expert Viewpoint: Lt. Gen. William Bender
  Lt. General William Bender, Strategic Account Executive,

 Government Relations, Leidos on "Inspiring & Leading IT

 Transformation in a Rapidly Changing World"

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 Profiles Case Studies: Kevin Davis
 Kevin Davis, Vice President, Public Sector, Splunk on "A Clearer

 View of IT Operations"

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 Profiles Case Studies: James Yeager
  James Yeager, Vice President of Public Sector, CrowdStrike

 on "Modernizing For The Future of Cybersecurity".

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 Profiles of FEMA & DHS CDM
 Adrian Gardner, CIO, FEMA & Kevin Cox, Program Manager, DHS

 CDM Program profile their 2017 Mission Programs.

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 Profiles of Department of Justice & Commerce
 Joe Klimavicz, CIO, Dept of Justice & Rod Turk, Acting CIO, Department of Commerce,  profile their 2017 Mission Programs. 

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Profiles In Excellence

​ Profiles of NSA & SBA
 Renee Wynn, CIO, NASA & Maria Roat, CIO, SBA profile their 2017 

 Mission Programs   

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 Profiles Expert Viewpoint: Pete Tseronis
 Pete Tseronis, Founder & CEO, Dots & Bridges on "Connect &


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 Profiles Case Studies: Ralph Kahn
  Ralph Kahn, Vice President, Tanium Federal on "Applying The

 OODA Loop to US Air Force Cybersecurity".

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 Profiles Expert Viewpoint: Dave Wennergren
 Dave Wennergren, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting on

 "The Power of Performance Management"

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 Profiles of Department of Homeland Security
 Stephen Rice, Deputy CIO, & Soraya Correa,  Chief Procurement 

 Officer, DHS profile their 2017 Mission Programs.

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 Profiles Case Studies: John Wilson
  John Wilson, Field Chief Technology Officer, Agari on

 "Rebuilding Trust in Government: The Role of Security"

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